Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Solstice - Winter 'tis here

Old man Winter has arrived. The shortest day/longest night has come and now each day will bring more sun. Yippee. It's funny how Winter is always associated with darkening days, but that really belongs to Autumn. Many thanks to Lorraine for the great link to the streaming video of the sunrise at Newgrange (neolithic passage tomb in Ireland, aligned to the Winter Solstice, for those not into Celty things).

I visited Newgrange on my previously mentioned package tour from hell and found the site breathtaking. I'm sad to say that I was too clausterphobic to brave the passage with the throng of tour members crushing on all sides, so I missed out on seeing it from the inside. But the carvings and the size of the structure are impressive, certainly.

I've always had an affinity for Yuletime. Sure, Christmas gets the hoopla, but there is something wonderful about the idea of the sun coming back, bringing warmth and light, a little more each day. Conversely, I'm always a bit saddened in June when the Summer Solstice reminds me that the luxury of light and warmth is ebbing away. I'm not as tuned into the turning of the seasons as I ought to be, but Winter Solstice always perks me up.

Looking out my window, on this wintry day, I see rain falling. Typical for Seattle winters. I think I'll watch the video of the sunlight illuminating Newgrange again. I could use a little ray of light on this dark, cold morning.

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