Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wedding showers - gifts that last

When I was married, I adamantly refused to have a wedding shower. I have always felt that wedding showers were just a way to hit guests up for yet another gift. I'm weird like that. I absolutely, positively, in no way shape or form wanted one. So of course, I had one. My mom and sis threw a lovely party for me and it was loads of fun. But back before the party, my dear dad let it slip that a party was in the works. Now, recall how much I made it clear that I didn't want one, and you'll understand why my dad was panic-stricken that he had let the cat out of the bag. My sister, ever the resourceful one, salvaged the surprise by claiming it was only a recipe shower. Surely, I couldn't object to our family bringing copies of recipes over to share with me. No, of course I couldn't object to that - that seemed like a great idea. Grandmas, aunts, cousins converging on my mom's house for a bit of cake and bringing a favorite recipe for me. I thought the idea was grand.

As it turns out, this was a cover - the shower was a bonafide shower with gifts, games, punch - the works. And, as I said, it was a glorious party, even if it went against my grain to receive actual gifts. But the cool thing about this party is that most of the guests did bring a recipe. My sis spread the word about dad's faux pas, and the accomodating guests reached into their recipe files and brought along something to share. The recipes were all put inside a little binder for me, dated and autographed by the cook.

Funny thing is, I don't think I have one of my original shower gifts left - except the recipes. I'd be hard pressed to make a list of what I received, if I didn't cheat and look it up in my wedding album. Cookware, I'm sure. A nightie or two were probably in the mix, but all I really remember are those recipes. What means more is that some of the cooks are no longer near to me, some of the recipes gone from memory or practice. These recipes are something that I hang on to, that I pack up and take with me when I move, that I dust off every once and awhile and just read.

My plan this year is to take these recipes and add them to a larger whole. I'm going to make a book of recipes to give to my son when he's older, so he'll have the recipe for our favorite pie, our favorite cupcakes, our favorite Christmas breakfast. Maybe someday, his lucky partner will want to see these recipes and try making them, for old time's sake.


rosemary said...

What a nice the recipes to your son. I am not a cook, baker or great food mom was. She passed on the family recipes to my youngest son. He is an excellent cook and is starting to have my 6 year old granddaughter help.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is a great idea. A recipe shower eh... (begins plotting)

Lorraine said...

One of my neices put together a cookbook of family recipes, including things going back to my grandmothers (neither of whom were particuarly stellar cooks but that's not the point, is it?) It spans 4 generations and that makes it pretty terrific.