Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh zephyr winds that blow on high


Wher I was little, I used to love the Shazam/Isis hour of power. I would run out to my front yard, arms outstretched, scanning the sky. I would spin around and chant, something that would let me command the weather. If even the slightest breeze blew or a cloud moved in the sky, I was sure I had caused it as Isis.

Last night, lying in bed, I listened to the wind whipping the trees around my house. Of course, the wind was nothing like the tornadoes that have caused so much devastation in the mid-west, but nonetheless, for this Seattleite, it was a bit scary. The windows rattled, the house creaked, the giant sequoia and norwegian maple were almost twisting from the force of the air. I thought about big pine trees crashing through the roof, pieces of the deck flying off to Oz and holes in the ground where smaller trees had stood. Listening in the dark, trying to sleep, I thought again of Isis and I wondered if my magic from childhood could stand up against the force of the wind.

*Photo found at Wikipedia


Lorraine said...

That was some serious blowing last night, for sure. Not to mention that someone in our 'hood started setting off fireworks at midnight. Apparently it's Tet. Man, it was noisy.

Sling said...

Yes,your childhood powers can defeat the wind!
..and i think the fireworks were for Chinese New Year Rainy.