Friday, February 8, 2008

Dinnertime - Survivor style

It's been awhile since I've watched Survivor, but back in the Richard Hatch days, the folks on the island had to get pretty darn creative with the few paltry foodstuffs they had on hand. If they caught a fish or something, that got added to the pot, if not, well, let's not imagine what else might get added.

So last night, still full from the Birthdaypalooza, I looked around my kitchen for ingredients that could be dinner. Things weren't that different from Survivor. I had some frozen ground turkey, a can of chopped tomatoes, some elbow macaroni, a can of enchilada sauce, some grated parmesan cheese. And thus, mexican-style casserole was born. Now of course, this casserole is about as close to authentic Mexican cuisine as frozen egg rolls are to my favorite Chinese restaurant. But like a contestant on an absurd reality show, I worked with the few ingredients I had that were edible.

Usually, my pantry is better stocked but I'm still hoping that we will be moving soon so I have been using up the "back of the shelf" stuff so I don't have to move it. Trying to travel light, as it were. If we don't hear from the sellers' bank soon, I'll have to break down and fill up the empty shelves. Bug larvae and tree bark won't be appearing in my grocery cart, thankfully.

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forsythia said...

One of the "funnest" times I had in the kitchen came during February about a decade ago when heavy snow closed down the federal government for nearly a week. Our street was impassible, so I had to make do and get creative with what we had on hand. Managed to use up a quite a new half boxes of this and that and many cans of that. No one complained about the "recipes." It was fun restocking the kitchen when I could drive to the store again. Our kitchen is small, so I never keep that much on hand.