Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Treats for the troops

Exploring some links on pages that I read, I found a great blog called World o' Jeff. Jeff relayed a lovely story about the cookies that his mother baked for troops in the Gulf War. The story so inspired me that I thought "Hey, I could do that." Thank the cookie goddesses for google, because I found that someone has that idea already organized. Treat The Troops has sent over 877,000 cookies to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. What a wonderful idea, says I. I'm going to jump on this cookie bandwagon and become a "crumb" too.

Never underestimate the power of a cookie. Let's hope with 2009, there won't be a need to send these cookies overseas anymore.


Professor said...

Thanks for the info on this!!!! The BPA kids need a volunteer service project and I think this would be perfect!

Professor said...

And by the way- Happy Birthday today!!!!! Hope it's great and that your birthday dinner and time with family is wonderful!

Sling said...

This is a great Idea!I know the troops would appreciate a little taste of home.
Today is yer birthday??...Happy birthday kid! :)