Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Magic kisses, no more

There was a time when NR's scrapes, bumps and the odd booboo were all made better with a kiss from mommy. The magic kisses worked for years, no matter the injury. At some point recently though, the magic faded away. Stubbed toes need ice packs and scratches need band-aids. Kisses just don't cut it anymore.

Last night, NR woke up frantic because he couldn't breathe. He has always been prone to croup as a little boy, so we thought it was just another episode brought on by a cough. Sitting in the steamy bathroom didn't help like before, the cough syrup wasn't working and he was shaky and looking pale. Enough of the home remedies, I thought. Time for a trip to the ER. Yes, he has a case of the croup, but he also has some pneumonia in his left lung. We just got back from the ER and he is comfortably settled on the sofa with his Spider-man blanket. I never wished more for those magic kisses, but at least he is alright and it wasn't more serious.

Being a parent is a tough gig when you can't do anything to make your kid feel better.


Anonymous said...

Ack! Poor sweet boy. I was an ear nose and throat girl as a kid. It was always something. But the best medicine from my mom (aside from magic kisses) was if I had an earache she would put warm olive oil on a cotton ball and snuggle them into my ears and cuddle me up. I'd wager your kisses are still magical though. Poor thing.

Lorraine said...

Oh. Hugs to both you and the baby. Because they are always our babies when they're sick.