Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Recipe Monday - Sauerbraten

Gulp. My birthday is Wednesday. I don't like getting older. I like presents, cake and good food with my family, so that makes birthdays bearable. But getting old sucks. My dear Mom is making my birthday feast, for which I am very grateful. When I was younger, we always went out to some restaurant, usually fancy, and tried something new. But as I age, I don't care for that anymore. I want to eat home, with the kids running around, the dogs begging scraps and everyone pulling up a chair to my Mom's table. Much more pleasant than some stuffy restaurant and skimpy portions.

This year, Mom is making my request of Nanny Flay's Sauerbraten. Bobby Flay, that grilling guru, has shared a family recipe for sauerbraten that I really like. Mom is going to pair this with black forest cake for my birthday, which really is just for me because nobody else in the family likes cherries with chocolate. I guess that is the privilege of getting old - getting to pick what you want. Well, that too makes getting old slightly less awful.

Bake up apples for applesauce and you'll have a great meal. If you gotta have a birthday (which beats the alternative of not having one), this is the way to have it. Thanks, Mom!


Professor said...

This sounds like a grand way to spend the day! Have a great one!

Lorraine said...

I do not understand people who don't like cherries and chocolate.

Nancy Chisum said...

Sounds like Mom is going all out for your birthday! Happy Birthday (a little early)