Saturday, December 1, 2007


Holy Ice Crystal, Batman, I woke up to snow today. Here in the PNW, that is something unusual. Sure, it wasn't much - just a dusting. But opening my eyes and seeing snow out my bedroom window, I was instantly giddy. And let me tell you, this girl doesn't get giddy that easy. I'm not sure why snow makes me feel all goofy inside. Maybe because snow used to mean "no school", so it was hooky all day. Maybe because there is something so beautiful about snow all over the grass, the leaves, the fence railings - well, beautiful until my labrador gets outside.

I have a thing for snowflakes. The microscopic images of them. I'm fascinated by how they look. I'm also amazed that there are people out there that collect them and photograph them. The closest I've ever come to seeing the individual shape of a snowflake was when I found one on a scarf that was all by its lonesome and I could make out the tiny fronds and points of part of it, before it melted away.

The thing I like best about snow around here is that it doesn't last. It comes, gives me a cheap thrill and then goes away. I wouldn't want to live in places where snow hangs around, where snow plows pile it up on sidewalks, where it turns nasty black from exhaust and sanding. I like snow when it first falls, but a day or so is all I want. Kinda like really good chocolate or some other confection; just a taste of it to savor, then no more. If snow came all the time, I wouldn't be giddy at the sight of it, and I like feeling giddy now and then.


Anonymous said...

We were clearly separated at birth.
And it is just after noon and STILL snowing in B'ham! WOOHOO! Thank goodness I don't have a Labrador.
Actually that is not a good thing. I would very much like a Labrador.
(adjusts note to Santa)

Nancy said...

I think you must live in the perfect location. I would like to leave someplace where I can see a little snow each year (emphasis on a little) As it is, I have seen snow (Im talking the kind where its enough to be on the ground a couple days) maybe four times max. Enjoy the snow and I wish you a great rest of the weekend!

Lorraine said...

We got another hit this afternoon...way more than a dusting this I wouldn't mind if it hung around for a coupla days....

Daughter of the King said...

We had a few here in the land of the Victorian Country did not stick...but it is pouring now as I type...enough already.