Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally.....we are moving!

We've been trying to buy a house since January and it has finally happened. The first problem was making an offer on a house that was subject to a short sale (boy, never again!). That kept us wait for over four months. Then after giving up on that house and starting the search again, we had a serious of false starts (houses selling out from under us mainly) until we found our current place.

Maybe all that was for something because this house is in the same school district we wanted but bigger, newer and has a huge room that will be solely dedicated to my craftiness (at last, a place to sew, glue, crochet and store all my supplies - yippee!).

We close on July 8, so we'll be busy bees that week. Unfortunately, we already scheduled a camping trip for that weekend so the timing is a bit off, but who cares! I can stop searching every real estate website, burning gas driving around the would-be homes, and living in boxes (we're partially packed, since January - yeah, it has been awful).



Sling said...

Happy congrats on the new digs kimberly! about those new cabinets you'll be needing. ;)

Speck said...

Congrats on the new house! How wondermous a dedicated crafty spot sounds. May you have many, many hours of creativity in there!

Will you post pics of projects???