Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Recipe Monday - Darkness on the Delta

I have no idea how to classify this dessert, other than by calling it a somewhat frozen, very chocolatey and incredibly easy cake wedge. Most things can be categorized - pie, pudding, cake, what have you. This one has me stumped. Hubby thought maybe frozen fudge, but that doesn't seem right. You'll have to be the judge. All I know is it comes from a wonderful cookbook by Martha Hall Foose, titled Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, Recipes and Tales from a Southern Cook , and it was easy to make with things I had on hand. It made a nice treat for Father's Day and one piece was definitely rich enough.

The best way to check out "Darkness on the Delta" is to get the book, which I think you'll be pleased with. But, barring that, it is also available online in Delta Magazine. Fudgy, cool, bittersweet - yep, that's good enough for me on a summer evening.


Carina said...

Thanks for the recipe link; it sounds yummy!!!

Have you made anything else from that cookbook? It is on my wish list! :)

Kimberly Ann said...

Carina, I also made the "inside out sweet potatoes" which were really tasty (if extremely high calorie). Unfortunately, I made the error of trying to substitute canned sweet potatoes to save time. Don't try it. The mixture ends up too mushy. I highly recommend this book, for good stories and tons of recipes. The Red Velvet cake (without food coloring) is up next for me.

Carina said...


Let me know how the Red Velvet turns out. I have been making that cake for years (It's a Christmas tradition.), but always feel slightly guilty about that 1 oz bottle of red dye I'm throwing in the batter!

Also, congrats on finally getting a new home! I was so envious when I read that you are going to have a sewing/craft room all to yourself--lucky girl!!! :)