Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Representative...

I'll bet you'll think I'm crazy. Or at least hopelessly out of touch. The country has so many problems right now - the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care...the list goes on and on. So with all these big problems, I sent a letter to my local representative for our state government. I didn't ask him about our state taxes, traffic woes or any of the other local issues that get everyone so hot under their collective collars. Nope, I sent in a suggestion that he get the ball rolling for an official state cookie.

Crazy, right?

Wait, hear me out before you delete me from your blog lists. Or better yet, read what I sent him. Then tell me I'm crazy.

"TO: Representative XX

FROM: Ms. Kimberly Devlin

SUBJECT: Designation of an official state symbol

MESSAGE: Representative XX,

I realize you are busy with campaign season right now but I thought I would send a short note suggesting that you consider proposing a new state symbol - akin to the official fruit, flower, bird, etc. I propose that Washington adopt the Oatmeal Cranberry cookie as its official state cookie. Why would I suggest something so seemingly silly, you might be asking. First, let me say that both New Mexico and Massachusetts have official state cookies, so we would hardly be the first to do so, though we would likely make a bit of news with it.

Washington ranks 4th in the nation for wheat production (for flour) and 5th in the nation for cranberry production - an official cookie designation could promote those industries. Washington has previously designated a muffin as an official state symbol (blueberry) so this isn't uncharted territory. Primarily though, my suggestion for this comes from a feeling that local government isn't just there to take care of the difficult, taxing (and taxable) problems; local government is also about fostering community and civic pride. If having a state cookie brings people together and fosters local pride - albeit at a bake sale or coffee house, then it has done a good thing for the people of Washington. Sure, there are many more pressing issues, but recognition that there are sweet parts to life is important too.

I appreciate your time in considering my suggestion.
Kimberly Devlin

RESPONSE: Ms. Devlin has requested a response to this message."

I'm not so loony as to expect that anything will come from this; I'm mostly curious to see if he will respond at all. I think he's running unopposed right now so odds are good he'll be back around in January. But I do believe that government can be more and do more than just tax us and fix bridges. That stuff is important, don't get me wrong, but recognizing two agricultural crops and fostering local identity isn't such a bad thing either.

Let's see what happens. Isn't democrazy...I mean democracy fun?


forsythia said...

Cookies, yum!

The Liberty Belle said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea to me! You've inspired me to send a similar letter to my own state leaders.

rosemary said...

Right on!!!! and your suggested cookie sounds yummy. I think Idaho should have a Huckleberry there a recipe for that?

Sling said...

Brilliant!!..It's easy for us to focus sometimes,on the things that keep us apart.
Well that we should devote some attention to the things that bring us together. :)