Friday, September 26, 2008

Whoa, Nellie

My head is spinning. I'm listening to news, trying to get a handle on everything that is happening right now. WAMU, bailouts, debate on, debate off, debate on...everything is spinning.

My first thought was a song (which is usually the case - former singer). I couldn't stop thinking about REM's "It's the end of the world as we know it". I was going to link the video. But I couldn't. If ever we were in need of shiny, happy thoughts, it is now.

Hang on folks, there is a heck of a ride ahead of us. I don't like spinning rides but I fear there isn't much chance of this one ending anytime soon.


Sling said...

It really is a circus.
Listening to this and that sound bite,and everyone's take on what it means.
I just can't wait to hear both sides,face to face in the debates.

rosemary said...

So, I am supposed to be shiny and happy and throw my love around while I jump in the garden and wait for our elected folks try to figure out how much more we can take? Gotta tell you, I am really fed up and broke and actually pi$$ed off right now. Every day it's something else....if i could remember what it was that Rosannne Rosannadana sid I would quote it.

Kimberly Ann said...

Me too, Rosemary. But I gotta hang on to hope.

rosemary said...

i remembered...."It's always somethin'".....that's what she said.

hope is about all we have.

Lorraine said...

A, love this song. Love. It.

2) you're comment on my blog about the line for the handbasket to Hell forming on the right? That has had me giggling all day. Who needs a cupcake?

forsythia said...

After the debate last night, my husband said, "Too bad we're not going to be alive by the end of this century to see how all this works out." If there's a heaven, I hope there's a balcony, so that I can watch the goings-on down below. Heck, I'm gonna miss it.