Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!! It's about time

I have been waiting for Spring for ages. Winter this year seemed so very long and I really wanted to see the cherry blossoms start their show. Finally, it has happened. Today is the first day of Spring. My own trees are bursting forth and all's right with the world. (Well, at least on the first day of Spring it is) To celebrate this lovely Spring Equinox, I thought I'd post a few links that might be of use to those looking for a fresh start.

If you are looking to do a major Spring cleaning, check out Real Simple's checklist.

Need a new look? Here are the links to all the couture and ready to wear shows in New York for Spring (and Fall) 2008. Don't forget to update your makeup too.

What about your garden? Get it growing with these Spring tips. Speaking of flowers (weren't we?), why not send some to someone you love to celebrate Spring? Here is a list of the traditional meanings of flowers - very big in Victorian circles - but still charming.

Spring is bringing a new hobby to our house. We're taking up hiking as a family, to get us out into nature and our behinds off the couch. Our first hike will be this Saturday, weather permitting. Learn the basics here and we'll share the blisters together.

Worked up an appetite just reading about all that hiking? Try a Spring frittata with fresh asparagus. Here's a handy produce guide so you can tell at a glance what fruits and veggies are in season. I'd love to try some fiddlehead ferns, just because I love saying it - but I've never had the opportunity. Artichokes are in season though, so that is almost as good.

And finally, I have to share one of my favorite songs, apropos of the day. Richie Havens' version of Here Comes the Sun. Hippie wannabe that I am, Spring makes me think of Woodstock, which makes me think of Richie.

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rosemary said...

Loved Ritchie...didn't like that he had either none or few teeth! I saw him a while back...looked the same, sounded the same. Yea, about that spring snowed here today.