Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow on the cherry blossoms

Yep, it is snowing here. Go figure. Wonderful warm weather one day and giant wet snowflakes the next. Quite contradictory, Ms. Nature. Mother or not, you've got your seasons mixed up, I fear. Oh well. Until the old gal gets herself straightened out, enjoy some Fire and Ice Relish. A bit of a blast from the past, as is this icy weather in my neck of the woods.


Tara Gowland said...

Hey Kimberly Ann - I saw your blog addy on EtsyRain Meetup group and stopped by to say hello - actually I am in Kent as well! Anyway, yes, very messed up to have snow on cherry blossoms LOL!


Malone! said...

Mother Nature is on vacation from Northern California also. Warm and shorts- one day, and back to socks and jackets the next! Hey, what about that Global Warming? (LOL)

Heather said...

this relish sounds wonderful! have you tried this recipe before?