Monday, March 24, 2008

Randon Recipe Monday - Trail Mix

We had our first hike on Saturday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the hiking wasn't hard (we headed out to the trails in the Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, for those who know the area). The highlight was seeing two large deer cross our path, not five feet from us. Right in the middle of civilization, as it were, there were these deer. Quite exciting, I must say. So much so that we have another, longer hike planned for this weekend, near Snoqualmie Falls (again for those who know this neck of the woods).

The hiking may lead us to geocaching, which is just a fancy treasure hunt/hide-and-go-seek game that uses a GPS device. We'll see if we decide to invest the money in the GPS receiver or not. The outdoorsy bug has bitten us enough that we're also planning a camping trip in July (just an overnighter) to see how we city slickers do in the great outdoors. Now, I was a girl scout but that's about the extent of my camping knowledge. I know enough to bring s'mores, hot dogs and bug spray. I'll also be bringing some of this trail mix. I don't always love Paula Deen's recipes, but I'll be giving this one a try. Salty and sweet is a good combo in my book.

For those with camping or hiking know-how, feel free to share your tips; I'm sure we could use 'em.

Oh - and no news on the house yet. Sigh....


Heidi said...

Geocaching is SO fun! Who doesn't love finding buried treasure? Plus you get some exercise and get to enjoy the outdoors--what's not to like? You don't need a really expensive GPS to do it. Have you ever checked into letterboxing? It's fun too, and you don't need a GPS. There aren't as many letterboxes as geocaches out there but the thrill of the hunt is the same!

Sling said...

Two words for you city slickers..Toilet paper! ;)
Seriously,or more seriously,I'm from Colorado,and you'd be wise to prepare even a day trip as if you might get lost for several days in the woods.
It happens all the time!
Cell phone,Warm cloths,dry matches or lighter,WATER!..I know your not dumb,but every year,where I'm from,people go out unprepared...It doesn't always turn out well.

Lorraine said...

What Sling said. Now I'm going back to crossing my fingers. With the addition of crossed toes.