Monday, November 12, 2007

Knit Your Bit - Knitting (or Crocheting) for Vets

Did you know that the Red Cross organized US citizens into knitting brigades during WWI and WWII? Nope, me either. Apparently, the Red Cross gave knitters yarn and instructions for socks, gloves, scarves, sweaters, anything that service personnel could use during the war (in blue or olive drab only). Children were asked to knit to help the war effort and a famous poster from 1917 asked people to Knit Your Bit.

Cool, huh? There is a way that we can honor those past Veterans today with a renewed Knit Your Bit Campaign. The WWII museum in New Orleans began this drive in 2006 and is continuing the work in 2007. Get more information here as well as the pattern for knitting or crocheting the V-for Victory scarf. Scarfs donated will be delivered to Veterans in need of warmth this winter. I'm going to Hook my Bit and make a crochet scarf to send off.

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Professor said...

that's great piece of "fun" history! (Tho I would've been kicked out of the knitting brigade... all i usually end up with is yard or two of holey, knotty, messy, blobs of yarn!)