Friday, November 16, 2007

What tabs do you have open?

Ok, this is as random and ridiculous as you are going to find on a Friday, but what the hey. At any given time, I keep six to ten Internet Explorer tabs open on my computer (Yes, I should be using Firefox, but I like IE, go figure). And yes, I have heard of Favorites, so there is no actual need to keep the tabs open, but I like to. I like keeping thoughts that are at the front and back of my mind on the tabs, simmering soups of thought, if you will. So on today's menu, I have the following tabs:
Fark - because where else do I get my news?
Fruit from Washington - Heirloom Recipes: I'm going to make a little ditty called Bird's Nests from some apples.
Culture of Spain - Doing a little global homemaking reading
Gmail - That is always open, for the few important emails that I get and all the rest of the junk.
Google - with my last search "fpdc crochet". Cannot live without google.
Auld Hat's blog - I usually have at least one blog cued up.
Etsy - Looking for a good, local supplier of interesting yarns.
Burlesque Daily blog - Ok, don't be shocked. I like to check in with the nouveau BurlyQ crowd because I find Burlesque fascinating. (Bloggers are like onions, we have layers...)

So that's my line up for today. What's on your tabs? Inquiring minds want to know...


Anonymous said...

I have your page up, my page up, a google page up, Amazon, YouTube, and now I'm about to put The Onion up because where else would I get my fake news?

Anonymous said...

auld hat's blog is very nice. I rarely keep 2 tabs open at one time :)

Sling said...

I can only concentrate on one thing at a time..OOhh!..a butterfly!..where was I?..

Lorraine said...

Your page, my page,, IMDb, YouTube plus I also have my inbox and our photos from this year.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

onions! so true!

Nancy said...

I generally have the following,my classmates yahoo group page,my Atta Girls Blog and my personal blog.