Saturday, November 17, 2007

Starting from Scratch

My hubby and I have a herculean task ahead of us. Our office/junk room has been out of control for quite some time but I have reached critical mass and have to do something about it. The problem, other than being kind of lazy, is that we have opposite ideas about how to deal with the problem. We both agree we should clear the decks, start from scratch, haul everything out and only bring back what we actually use. I am ruthless with garbage sacks and probably toss stuff that shouldn't be tossed, but I get in a frenzy. I attack the clutter and just want it GONE. Hubby, not so much. He likes to post things on and have people come get those ancient monitors, those out of date books and such. I'd just box it up and drop it off at Goodwill. He likes to sort through each box of stuff methodically, deciding if each item will be kept. I like to toss the whole thing out if I haven't used it in a year. He hangs on to his things, "just in case". I collect stuff until I get tired of it and then I want it outta here.

See? This is a problem. We've read a zillion posts on decluttering. I want to just nuke the room and start from the beginning. Somewhere in the middle (I smell a compromise coming up) we'll get it done, but I would write into one of those DIY/HGTV clean up shows in a minute if I wouldn't be mortified to have TVLand see the state of this room.

When - notice I said When and not If - we get this done, I'll post a photo, the blogger equivalent of an animal pelt, as proof of our victory.


Lorraine said...

Or you could hire me. It's what I do. There's a link on my blog.

Oh, wait. That was self-promotional and wrong of me. I'm sorry.

I mean, wow, bon chance! Can't wait to see the animal pelt.

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Oh my Yord, I can't believe we're tackling the same exact project today! DH and I are diving into my office, otherwise known as the FEMA Room. (He thinks it looks like there's been some sort of natural disaster in there...ergo FEMA needs to come in and rescue it.)

Lorraine has been helping me diligently for weeks, she's an incredible personal organizer. It helps having someone else give you some guidance and input on stuff like this. And I hate tackling monsterous projects by myself, so pleasant company makes it much more fun.

BTW, did you happen to see yesterday's Oprah regarding the horder? It made me want to run, not walk, to the FEMA room and get it handled once and for all!

Happy Cleaning, KA!

Professor said...

OOOOOOOO- include before and after photos! And good luck.

Sling said...

Yer gonna do a before and after thing right?..I love that stuff.
I watched that hoarder thing on Oprah yesterday,(umm..I lost the remote),and it was incredible the amount of stuff they had accumulted!

rhonda jean said...

You'll love the feeling you get from ridding yourself of all that stuff. Well done. : )

Kimberly Ann said...

Wow, I had no idea that Lorraine was an Organizer, with a capital O. Hubby and I will have to think about whether we can afford her no doubt fabulous services! And I have to confess I was too ashamed to take the Before photo. It was just too much. We're in day two of the war and I now see that our carpet in this room in green, so that's a start.

Lorraine said...

KA: Email me. Seriously. I can give you the extra Blog Buddy discount.