Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blue Thursday

Ok, I'm in a funk today. I'll warn you right now. If you are looking for a perky post about vinegar or chicken pot pie, it'll have to wait. Today I'm blue. I'm listening to the City of Angels soundtrack (soon to be followed by Chet Baker), which is my Blue Album and drinking tea. I'm still in my jammies and will likely stay that way all day, unless I get enough pep to throw myself at the gym.

So what's up, you may ask? Well, I'm not sure. NR went back to school today after a two week break. I love having him home during the day but by yesterday I was glad that school was coming back because I just wanted a little "me" time, if you know what I mean. I should have known this was coming on because I craved chicken fried steak, mashed taters and gravy for dinner last night. Nothing like comfort food when the blues are sneaking up on ya.

I've got nothing big to complain about. Things are going well. I'm excited to try my new ventures for 2008 and everyone is in good health and relative spirits in my family. Things could be a lot worse (and have been before) so my inner voice says "buck up, kid". And that's when I reach for the blankie and the tea cup.

January frequently bums me out. Spring is too far away to be felt, the Christmas hoopla is over and all those new resolutions are looming. I'm too broke, too fat, too slacker-y, too old to be still figuring out what the heck I want to be when I grow up, too...(fill in the blank) in January.

Oh, it's raining. The misty, smears your windshield, kind of rain. I actually like that kind of rain. Think I'll cuddle up under the blankie on my couch and watch the rain mist my ferns in the garden.

I did get a delicious rosewood crochet hook yesterday, which I dearly love. Maybe I'll get wrapped up in fuzzy wool yarn, letting the repetition unplug my always chattering brain. Sounds like a perfect plan for a blue Thursday.


Deborah said...

I know this probably sounds crazy, but I would be happy for a rainy-still-in-my-pajamas-day. And I understand about the January blues. I can't wait until Spring!

Anonymous said...

"The web of our life is of a mingled yarn... good and ill together.”
-some Shakespeare guy said that.
Which makes me think that a snuggly day covered in wool all thisa'way and thata'way is a perfect idea for you. (:

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Glad you're rolling with it today...stay in those jammies and enjoy a bluesy day at home!

Lorraine said...

Sounds to me like you're doing exactly what a girl oughta do on a day like that.

Nancy said...

I think post holiday blues is pretty common. What I find interesting is that it hit you the same day it hit me, yesterday. I finally got out of it when we had company over last night and I was forced to be sociable. Hope you are feeling better today!