Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chaos Theory

Humilitating as it may be, here is the evidence of the state of my craft area right after the Christmas rush. It was out of control, yarn everywhere, patterns scattered to the wind.

BeforeThe Before shot

Now it is at least functional and I can see easily that I really don't need any more red yarn, which I seem to pick up for no reason.

AfterThe After shot

It is amazing how much more pleasant it is in a room where things are organized. Given the state of the rest of my house right now, I may just stay in here forever. Actually, that wouldn't be accomplishing much because one of my January resolutions is to bring my home back into my desired standards of livability (aka not a slob pit). I will be contacting Lorraine for help with some of the trickier areas. I am also reading a useful book from 1942 about housekeeping. The author has some handy task lists, which I will post for those of us who like lists.

Oh, one more thing on the subject of Chaos. Have you ever wanted to see the crocheted likeness of Chaos? I thought so. Check this out.
Who say Physics is boring?


Anonymous said...

I think chaos is beautiful. (in theory) HAH! All the geeks in the house say YE'YA!

Also, fab idea going with Miss Lorraine for the trickier bits. She is highly skilled at turning chaos into pretty.

Speck said...

Yay! (applause, applause) Congrats on the organization of the crafty area!

The toughest thing I've found about organizing my junk is having that all important Come-Ta-Jesus Meetin' with my possesions. If it hasn't been touched in a year, out it goes to Goodwill. Man, oh man, sometimes that is agony to do, but it has GOT to be done.

I found it interesting that Chaos looks just like a woman. Gasp! (dodges stones thrown from my sisters.)

Sling said...

YE'YA!..There is order in chaos..and lorraine will help you find it I'm sure. :)

Anonymous said...

tee, Sling is a geek. (proceeds to gather every stone within earshot (?)...but only so's no one will throw them at Speck. Who is my friend, after all)

paris parfait said...

I too am trying to corral the chaos in my apartment! Looks like you're off to a good start.

Lorraine said...

That is a stellar before and after. Good on you. And you know I'm happy to help with anything you need. Got your Blogger Buddy Deep Discount coupon right here.