Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Toga optional...

I am smitten, in seriously deep smit, with the HBO series, Rome. I just watched the first 6 episodes, close to back to back, and I am loving it. It reminds me of Deadwood, when Deadwood was good (season 1) and it beats the pants (literally) off anything on the networks right now. It's a bit risque, for those with sensitivity to that sort of thing, and definitely not for the younger set, but my oh my, what a good show.

And lest you think this topic is too far afield from Nostalgic Homemaking, here's a little ancient Roman recipe for your reading pleasure:
1 pound of boiled wheat grains
3 pounds of new cheese
1/2 pound of honey
1 egg

Mix it and eat it. Serves several.*

Can't wait to see how this all works out for Julius, Marc Anthony, et al (so much suspense - well, not really). Hey, notice the Latin? Wonder what the Latin is for "I made a funny"?

*Found in Life in Ancient Rome by Frank Richard Cowell


rosemary said...

my husband liked, I was hooked on Henry VIII.....and what exactly is your recipe called? Sort of a Roman Granola Bar only softer, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Humerous Maximus.

Buck said...

"I made a funny" would be "Facit iocus".

Three years of tortuous Latin classes in seminary. Uch!