Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Friday - oh, are those nachos?

Happy Friday to you all. Today is more of a lavender color, rather than blue. But the color I have in mind today is green - guacamole green, to be precise. I heart guacamole, big time. I like it in all versions; chunky, smooth, with tomatoes, without onions, spicy or subtle. Mash up some avocado, add a few spices, and I'm happy.

With hopes of guacamole in my mind, I'll share a recipe for guacamole salad written by my fav, Ina Garten. Getting the ingredients from the grocery store just might convince me to abandon my shut-in status and grab my coat.

Where I live, avocados are never in season, so I'll have to break my "buy it local" credo, but good guacamole is sooooooo worth it.


Sling said...

Avocados are the food of the gods!..
Anything that stems from them is therefore,ambrosia.
Nothing like a perfectly softened California avocado the size of your fist to make you say "Hell Yes!"

Buck said...

I just saw Nigella Lawson make "Rocamole" - - Mashed avacados with rocquefort cheese (and scallions and lime juice).

I don't know. . . sounds a bit "much" to me.

I once tried to be creative by making "guacabouli": Tabouli with chunks of avacodo and cilantro instead of parsley. . . .
Hint: Don't do that.