Tuesday, April 29, 2008

May Day Baskets - A cause worth arranging for

I suggest we all reclaim the old May Day tradition of the May Day Basket this year. The what basket, you say? On May 1st, folks would fill small baskets with flowers, place them on the door knob (or porch) of their neighbors, knock (or ring the bell) and run away - leaving the neighbor to open their door to a lovely surprise of flowers. Why on earth am I suggesting this, you ask? You ask a lot of questions, friend. I am suggesting this because this old tradition has the power to bring some joy to people and some fun for us.

Frankly, in this era of feuding politicians, 24 hour cable news talking heads, high gas prices, wars, reality tv shows, global warming and trans fats, who couldn't use a basket of flowers, left anonymously at our doorstep. Healing the world, one door bell at a time.

So come on, grab those thrift store baskets, or get your grade school kid to make some out of construction paper. Raid your gardens, your Costcos, your grocery stores for flowers, or get your grade school kid to make some out of tissue paper. Reclaim the May Day Basket and spread some floral love this Spring. Join the Revolution!

1 comment:

Pink Ric Rac said...

Wouldn't it be lovely if people started doing this again. Man, I miss the old days.