Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Roll out the Welcome Wagon

Whew. Yesterday's post was heavy. Righteous fury is tiring, that's for sure. If only someone would knock on my door, bearing a bundt cake and some benign and easy conversation. Oh yes, that would be the welcome wagon (to the new neighborhood). Bear with this segue; I do have a point.

As with all things of wonder, the official "welcome wagon" company began in the 1920s - in Tennessee, which of course is known for Southern Hospitality (that and Nashville, and probably something to do with Elvis, I don't know...)

Oh yes, back to the welcome wagon. It began as a way for Welcome Wagon ladies to present new neighbors with coupons and gifts from local merchants, of course engendering warming feelings for both the neighbors and the businesses. Alas, the practice of door-to-door welcome wagon greeters died out in the 1980s (along with disco and the Soviet Union). But the idea of the welcome wagon lives on. Neighbors often greet new arrivals with a baked treat and a hearty hello.

Which brings me to my point, finally. Looks like....(pausing for dramatic effect) we got the house. Yes, we may be inside our new casa by mid-April. As I stare at the sea of empty cardboard boxes that surround my house, I pause to hope that we'll meet a welcome wagon at our new house. Maybe a kindly face bearing a potted plant or a plate of cookies will come over and welcome us to the neighborhood. Let's hope so. But if not, I will venture forth and say howdy, inviting these folks in for a cuppa. That is something I've never done before but I'm going to do it now.

Ding's a recipe for a tried and true welcoming treat - the coffee cake:
Quick Apple Streusel Coffee Cake


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Yippie woohoo hoorah! See? Crossing everything works. Hmmm...Hot Cross Bundt Cakes.
Is that even possible?

rosemary said...

Good deal...moving! As for WalliewonderWorld: We had a dumpy K-Mart that I loved...dump that it was. Locals worked there, we are a very small town of maybe 7 thousand. Big Wallie decided to build right across the street from K-Mart. Hired KM workers for a few pennies more, added one benefit to the insurance package, drove KM right out of business along with the local optometrist, gas station, burger joint and lots of other mom and pop places. So bad word to Wal mart.