Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ankle bone's connected to the shin bone...

I'm back - sort of. We still don't have Internet, telephone or cable. Like Robinson Crusoe, it's primitive as can be (with the exception of a blueray player and a library of dvds, so we're a step above Gilligan).

So how am I posting this, you might ask? Thank goodness for tethering, so I've learned. My laptop plugs into my cell phone, which does the connecting (at something less than dial-up speed). So, no uploading photos or heavy content sites (like Comcast, to chat with someone who can fix things) but I'll take what I can get.

The move went - not totally smoothly, but what move does? I've learned some valuable things in this process. First, I have waaaaay too much stuff. It's like living in that George Carlin routine about needing a bigger house because we keep accumulating stuff. How many candlesticks do I really need? Ditto on the turkey platters. Second, I am waaaay too out of shape. Our new place has stairs and plenty of them. Carrying all the gazillion (that's a techinical term) boxes of the waaaay too much stuff up the stairs was some hard work. Ninety degree weather didn't help but the stairs were the real culprit. And third, I really don't think I'll be moving again. Ever.

So, we have plenty of boxes left to unpack. I'm going to try to really plan out where the contents will go, rather than just stuffing things into places to get them out of my hair. Ask me after the last of the gazillion boxes and we'll see how it went.


Sling said...

Clever of you to find a back door onto the interwebs!..
A handy skill to posess when the revolution begins.
You know,moving day is the day you decide to leave everything behind that you haven't needed for at least 1 year.
Easier said than done,I know,but very liberating once accomplished.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey there, so glad you found a way to get connected..I'd be in trouble without my connection since everything business and pleasure is on the net..woohoo!! Sending those cyber vibes your way..

Oh and wanted to say that I just added you to my friends at Ravelry!

Hugs, Stephanie

Lorraine said...

At least you have interwebs is SUCH a hardship (and I realize that compared to lots of actual hardship hardships it's not but ding dong, seriously? I can do without a whole lot of stuff but the webs not so much). Anyhoodles, point is, congrats on the move, good luck on the unpacking, we all have too much stuff and I'm going to go see about unloading some of my candlesticks right now in solidarity but whoo to the hoo! Congrats!