Sunday, July 6, 2008

Veg update

Here are some snaps of The Great Veggie Experiment.
The pepper plants are growing but will they ever develop peppers? Peter Piper wonders...

Here is our amusing corn which seems to like growing in a planter after all.

The yellow and red tomato plants both came back from the heavy duty heat from a week ago. But will they dig this new cooler weather?

Looks like some tomato flowers, with big maters to follow, I hope.

Oh and I couldn't resist throwing this photo on too because I can't say enough good things about Alabama Chanin. I used the stencil ideas from the Alabama Stitch Book and refinished an old Ikea cabinet top. Here's my book review of the Alabama Stitch Book.

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Sling said...

The wildfires have messed with the weather so much,that many folk's gardens aren't doing too well.
I was really lookin' forward to the cherry tomatoes this year.