Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stay-cations? Yeah, but....

Like many folks, we're not going out of town this year for vacation. Buying a new house has certainly put a crimp in any travel, but more importantly, gas prices are keeping us near home. We're planning to take a jaunt to Bozeman, Montana to see some dino bones eventually, but that's as far a field as we are going. So, I guess that puts us in the group of those taking "stay-cations".

This phrase was coined recently and many folks are latching on to it as the perfect description for staying home and exploring their own neighborhoods during their time off. I'm all for the idea but I really don't like the term.

Why, you might ask. Well, I have never liked made up, cutesy words in the first place. But more importantly, "stay-cations" are a make-do solution to high gas prices and a bad economy and the term just makes it more palatable. Sure, make the best of a bad situation and find fun near your home, but there's no need to call it a "stay-cation".

Unfortunately, the reality now is that many people can't afford to travel to their favorite (distant) destinations. That's just how it is. The people that control our economy and the forces that make gas over four bucks a gallon are the primary causes of it. By all means, let's find fun things to do closer to home but by giving this (hopefully temporary) situation a term like "stay-cation", we signal our acceptance of the new reality and an embrace of being forced to stay home during time off.

Hello? Is this thing on? (echo echo echo) Ok, I'm in the minority on this, I'm sure. Me, Jon Stewart, and the guys who order kids to get off their lawns. But I'm a big believer in the power of words, so I'll stick to my vacation guns here and point out loudly that the Emperor has neither a Hawaiian shirt, flip flops nor a Speedo on.

Happy Vacation to you all - whether you are going to the beach, Disneyland, or your own back yard.


Lorraine said...

(applauds little hands and cheers wildly)

And as an aside, I for one am thankful the Emperor isn't in a Speedo. Eeewww.

Anonymous said...

This just gave me a great idea for a business. A kind of traveling entertainment show that brings all the adventure right to you, so you don't have to travel! And I could have exotic things and lots of whizbangery...
crap. I'm talking about a carnival aren't I? I just basically announced to the world that I am a carny didn't I?
Still, it was a good idea.
(kicks rock)

Ashley said...

Stay-cations, I've never heard of that before. I like it though! Sometimes you just can't travel far away, and there are always SO many new things to see close to where we live!

Anonymous said...

Vacations are a state of mind. Most of the time the planning is really the fun. Remember our Thursday outings? You don't have to travel to a far-away destination to have fun. We live in a beautiful part of the country. Mountains, rivers, lakes and don't forget the great Pacific ocean. (Of course you know I'm predjudiced). Let them (whomever them are) call a stay close to home vacation what they want, you can still have the time of your life.

Doralong said...

I just call it being broke.. We stuck with no more than 4 hours away due to the gas issue as well, and then a week laying tile. Now that's living it up peeps!