Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Recipe Monday - Gotham Cheesecake

Yesterday, we went to see The Dark Knight. Hubby has been dying to see it and I was mildly interested too (I enjoyed Batman Begins, even though superhero flicks aren't usually my speed). Long story (two and half hours) short - all the talk about Heath Ledger is true; he was amazing. But that's all that was amazing, in my humble, non-comic book geek opinion. Don't get me started on the storyline. Really. Don't. (No hate mail, please. I know, I'm one of seven people in the whole world who think this way about this movie.)

What was interesting was our conversation after the movie, discussing choices Batman made that put him in the anti-hero category. Was using every citizen's cellphone without their consent justified? I won't spoil the story on this, but where have I heard similar things lately...hmmmm.

Anybat, we had a good time picking apart the Joker and Batman, delving into their motivations. We did this over a non-glamorous dinner of hot dogs and chili (for hubby) and nachos (for me). Sadly, neither of these dishes warranted a Monday recipe but I thought a little New York (er...make that Gotham) cheesecake would. Since Wednesday is National Cheesecake day (see my earlier post on this), here's another reason to give it a try. Emeril Lagasse offers up a cheesecake with a big apple caramel topping at FoodNetwork.

Nothing beats apple and caramel, in my humble, non-comic book geek opinion.

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Sling said...

I haven't seen the new Batman flick.
I usually wait till it comes out on DVD.
Did you know that Batman was quite the anti-hero back in the day?
He carried a gun,and would just as soon throw a bad guy off a skyscraper as look at him..That was the 30's,and totally comic book geek trivia.