Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby, it's Hot outside

Ok, I know that I can't really complain about the heat, not when folks in Texas have gone through 200 degree days but still - it is really hot here. It's 9 AM and my house is already 80 degrees, with 95 degrees predicted for later in the day.

I'm a bit hard of hearing, what with all the fans blowing directly into my ears over the last few days, so I probably won't hear the tiny violins that you all will be pulling out for me. I know, I know, nobody likes a whiner.

I guess one good thing about the heat is that I don't sleep very deeply and I remember my dreams when I wake up. I had a great one last night about Bradley Whitford, from West Wing (my current crush du jour, move over Keith Olbermann) and some fine California cheese and Washington wines - it was a wine tasting dream, poolside somewhere in SoCal. Sadly though his lovely wife, Jane, was not in the dream. Oh Darn.

Alright, I digress. Seriously. But that's about as good as it gets with little sleep, high heat and a dream about cheese. What does any of this have to do with homemaking, you rightly ask? Not a gosh-darn thing. Oh, but Columbia Winery's Cellarmaster Riesling really is tasty and reasonably priced. Try it with some Monterery Jack.


Lorraine said...

I'm feeling you, sister. Well, actually, not because it's too hot to hug but you know what I mean.

Bradley is yummy.

Guess who just figured out that crockpots make even more sense when it's 412 degrees outside than when it's minus 412 degrees?

rosemary said...

Sorry, but I am the weather whiner Queen crown and is beastly hot here too and will be for days. One fan died, Wallie Wonder World is sold out of fans, the air is set at 72 and I need it to be at 55. I was thinking of you yesterday at about 3 when i was out mowing the lawn and sweating like a know, having moles and gophers and tons of dirt mounds make for less lawn to mow....but then there is the dust factor and of course the wind blows it in my face.....but trying to find a positive in underground creatures with big teeth.