Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fabulous Fifty State Tour - New Hampshire and Apple Crisp

I haven't traveled to all fifty states, and truthfully, I don't want to. Oh sure, there are probably so many great things to see along the way; the largest ball of twine, maple syrup museums, places where George Washington's Uncle's Second Wife slept, etc. etc.

Nope, I'll never hit all the states, though I've been to a few of them and hope to do more. I'm really eager to see Massachusetts and I'd like to see the historical sights in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Of course, there is DC (not a state, but yeah, so what), which is my dream trip and I wouldn't mind getting to New York City some day. Oh and Savannah, Georgia would be a fun one too. Back to New Orleans, at least once more, and I hope to travel to Yellowstone and Yosemite some day too...

Ok, that's enough travel ideas to last far beyond my budget (and my husband's patience). And since I can't get to everywhere, I thought I'd take a little exploration here, posting some quintessential recipes from our sister states, for a little tastebud travel. In honor of this year's presidential campaign and Jed Bartlet from the West Wing, we kick off our tour in New Hampshire.

The Granite State apparently also has the nickname of "Switzerland of America" which I assume is from their great fondness of fondue and yodeling. I gotta love a state that has adopted the Ladybug as their state insect - I had no idea that insects rated high enough to be adopted by states, but the ladybug is a good choice. For those of you testing your high school memories, Concord is the capital and her native sons (and daughters) include: JD Salinger, Maxfield Parrish, Franklin Pierce, Robert Frost and Mandy Moore. Yes, the teen star.

Alright, enough trivia, on with the eating. New Hampshire lays claim to many of New England's foods and recipes including chowders and maple syrup, but the state also grows apples. The former Governor of the state, Jeanne Shaheen has provided a recipe for apple crisp and heck, that sounds like a pretty good source for a taste of New Hampshire. Fix up a batch, find a local ladybug and pull out your copy of Catcher in the Rye (or dvd of Princess Diaries, whichever you happen to have) and say howdy to New Hampshire.


Ashley said...

Cool post! I've never been to New Hampshire or any of the East Coast states, and I am dying to go see them!

rosemary said...

I am not clicking on that link.....we are eating ice cream for dessert these days...I can't mess that up too badly. Yesterday Steve and i decided what our last hurrah will be....driving to all of the states we have not visited....and there are a lot.

forsythia said...

Thank you for the timely reminder. My 99-year-old mother LOVES apple crisp, as do we all. I'll make some tomorrow.

Doralong said...

Savannah is fabulous, my brother lives there and I adore it. But yes I am biased- there's an awful lot of Virginia that's quite wonderful. I actually love those "stay-cations" there's an lot to do- even if you aren't into the history thing. I am reminded every time I look out my back door just how pretty it really is- even when I get pissed at the Governor.

And for the record, New Hampshire is a lovely place, and all the people I met there were quite charming- in a terse sort of way.

Wow, I sound like the "Virginia is for lovers" brochure, don't I?

Let me know when you're heading my way honey!!!