Monday, August 25, 2008

Spiders Three, Woe is Me

I'm not big into superstition, though I tend not to walk under ladders or jump up and down on sidewalk cracks. But sometimes, I get a little fearful when weird things happen - you know, when bats fly into your hair (true story, it happened) or when you find a frog on your pillow (no, I didn't kiss it).

Now I am wondering if I need to be worried about spiders. In the last three days, there have been three large spiders making an appearance in my home. The first, especially weirdly, was in my bed when I turned back the comforter. Yeah, that's creepy. Number two was found downstairs, in a bedroom. And number three, the biggest and blackest and full on scariest of them all, was in the bathtub of the guest bathroom.

Now, I don't like spiders in the best of times - Charlotte is an exception but generally I find them to be like Shelob. So when I saw Number 3, there was a full freakout. Hubby was called and he handled the extermination. Sorry, no moving it outside on a broom to live in the wild. This thing could have worn a saddle, so out it went permanently.

But the bigger question is, what do these spider sightings mean? Yes, the weather is changing and fall is coming and the spiders are moving indoors. I get that. But three monsters in three days? It has an Ides of August feel about it or Something Wicked this way comes-ness that really makes me wonder what the heck is going on.

That or I just don't like spiders.


forsythia said...

I think you just don't like spiders. On the other hand, something the heck could be going on. Depends on the "spin" you put on it.

Doralong said...

The arachnid welcome wagon??

rosemary said...

They moved with you? They like your decorating style? They like your tub better than their own? They had a death wish? I'm right there with broom stuff; squish, it's over.

Speck said...

OoooEeeeOoooo <--scary music sound

It means the zombies are coming next. Lock your doors. :)