Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fabulous Fifty State Tour - North Dakota & Serinakaker

NR would be right at home in North Dakota. Milk is the official state beverage. When I think milk, I don't immediately think North Dakota, but I guess I will now that I know that. I'll also think of North Dakota when I see sunflowers because this state produces more than any other in the US - go figure. Despite this fact, the state flower is not the sunflower but the "wild prairie rose", which I've never heard of and had to find a photo of just to know what the heck it looks like. (Thank you, Netstate for having such a nice photo.)

The Roughrider State (hey, I don't make this stuff up) was 39th to join the union. The capital, Bismarck, also is a great doughnut and no one has looked at wood chippers the same way since the movie, Fargo. It might not be too surprising that square dancing is the state dance but it ought to be ballroom dancing; Lawrence Welk grew up there. Peggy Lee, Louis L'Amour and Angie Dickinson all hail from ND, so there must be something to all that milk drinking.

Speaking of dairy, Cream of Wheat got its start in North Dakota (well, I eat mine with cream, so that's dairy...). We couldn't conclude our little sojourn without tasting a little something. How about some Hungarian style Spaetzle made with Cream of Wheat? No? Ok, for those not fans of farina, how about some Scandinavian cookies? There was a large population of Scandinavians that settled in ND and I'll bet some folks there are still making serinakaker (Serina's cookies - now you know the Norwegian word for cookie, and Serina.)

And since my great-grandma's name was Serina (well, Serene, but close enough) and she was Norwegian, these almond and butter cookies are a fitting close to a trip into North Dakota. Someone pass the milk. Wunnerful.

(If you don't know why I am doing this post, here's the first of the series.)


rosemary said...

Well, guess i was born in the wrong state or maybe my mom lied...anyway i love sunflowers, sunflower seeds (Spitz brand), love my cream of wheat and Steve is Scandinavian. Steve has been to Fargo and a few other places in ND....he is not fond of the state....I think desolate is the word he used, but it was winter.

Sling said...

I LOVE Farina!.and spaetzle..
The Sunflower is the state flower of Kansas by the way,and they are everywhere!..So much so,that if I never see a sunflower again,well,..that would suit me just fine...huge perrenial yellow bastards..They only serve to enhance the misery of being stationed at Fort Riley...Wait,..this isn't about me is it?

Punk said...

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