Friday, May 16, 2008

Christmas in May and other insane ideas

Actually, there is nothing insane about planning ahead. It just sounds insane, when the heat of May just starts unfolding, flowers starting to make a show in the yard and fans coming out of the closet, to be thinking about December. And yet, it isn't going to be that long before weather starts turning colder, leaves and temperatures falling, and the gift giving season will be upon us. Is that depressing? Where's my old "live in the moment, savor the season" stylings, you might ask. Actually, they are still here. I'm thrilled with Spring right now and looking happily toward Summer. But I'm still thinking ahead to Christmas and starting already to plan my gifts. Why? Well, becaue money is tight (tighter than usual) and I can't do my usual last minute shopping spree to make it work. Last year, I started making gifts in October and I found that by December I was a wreck, finishing up the last of the gifts on time.

This year is going to be different. This year is going to be methodical and smooth. No, really, stop laughing. For that to happen, it needs to begin in May, slowly, cautiously, with thought and planning. I'm not going to make some jumbo list and weigh myself down. No Ma'am, I am going to write down things that I accomplish, rather than some enormous "to do" list. (Many thanks to Olde Prairie Register for sharing thoughts on this subject.)

This year I am not only looking forward, toward Christmas, Halloween, heck even the Fourth of July, but I'm also looking toward the seasons. Pots now for herbs that I can dry, local sources for fruits and veggies to turn into jam and salsa, yard sales and thrifty buys for things I can transform into birthday gifts and anniversary presents.

The spark for this came when I spent the whole day yesterday thinking it was Friday. I was ready for the weekend, told my son there was no school (always something he loves to hear) and thought about my plans for Saturday. It wasn't until Thursday PM that my sister broke the news to me. I couldn't believe that I spent an entire day, reading news, answering mail, watching television, and didn't know what day it was. Talk about being in a fog. Well, if the fog can shroud one day from the next, it can cover up the months as they speed by, leaving me unpleasantly surprised when special days creep around the corner.

So, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice or Kwanza, whatever holidays that come for you in the colder months, perhaps a little time spent in the sunshine of May, planning and preparing will make for a merry time in the dark of December. Forget the "to do" and focus on the "done". Forget multitasking and think about monotasking. Live in the moment, with an eye on the future - and keep a calendar nearby!

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Lorraine said...

I've taken to doing that...listing accomplishments rather that to-dos. (OK, there is a to-do list but still). It really motivates me.