Friday, May 30, 2008

Froggie went a courtin'...

In my house, some things become obsessions. Things like George of the Jungle cartoons, fudgsicles, alien action figures...are you sensing a theme here? NR finds things that he likes and he really likes them. Unfortunately for me, his newest passion is frogs. Yes, real ribbety ribbety frogs. He reads "Life Cycle of the Frog" and knows all about frog spawn, frog jelly (bleh) and froglets. He can wax poetic on why he perfers the term "tadpole" to "polliwog" and he knows exactly what poison dart frogs should look like.

So around our place, frog is the word of the day. Now, this would be fine if I could stand frogs. I'm fine with fake frogs - the WB dancing frog kind of fake frog - or frogs as jewelry, plant holders or candlesticks, but I'm a little squeamish about the jumping, slimy kind.

Anyfrog, we're having daily conversations about getting a frog as a pet. We've finally settled on the swimming, live in a closed up aquarium type of frog (African dwarf frogs?) but the deal is he can't get it until we move to the new house. Which, given how long everything is taking, might be longer than this current obsession. Oh darn. But in the meanwhile, not to be a total square, I will be making him a loaf of Frog shaped bread. I'd show you the adorable picture but it is a copyright image, so you'll just have to click the link or take my word for it. I'm a sucker for shaped bread, so this will be something we can both enjoy - me the making and him the eating.

And trust me, no frog jelly will be used in this little dish. Ribbet


rosemary said...

better than a rat obsession which my daughter went through, got one, kept it in her dresser drawer and let it sleep with her......what was I thinking?

Lorraine said...

Oh boy. We had a frog once, which The Child raised from a tadpole. (It was a school project, summer came and she scored). It was fascinating to watch the process and in the end we had a lovely little frog named Clara who dined on crickets.

One day it got super hot. Clara's water warmed up too much. I will not give you the details. Suffice to say the words "frog jelly" have a different meaning for me.

The funeral was lovely, though.

Riyo Gems said...
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