Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Recipe Monday - Mocha Ice Cream Pie

This weekend was hot. H.O.T. Like 95 degrees hot. For that kind of heat, I need to be mentally prepared. Since it isn't August and I had no batch of sun ice tea made up, I wasn't prepared. At least I had some popsicles in the freezer, which always help cool things a bit.

The mini heatwave inspired me to search for a good recipe using ice cream. I think I found it with this Mocha Ice Cream Pie. The crust is formed from chocolate and coconut, the filling from chocolate ice cream, pecans and coffee. Sounds refreshing to me.

Sun ice tea? Check. Mocha Ice Cream Pie? Check. Who needs August. Bring on summer.


Lorraine said...

It was fabulous weather but that whole 40 degrees one day, 90 degrees the next thing did leave my head a little spin-y.

Sling said...

I hate to be all like,my heat was worse than your heat,but we did 101 degrees here in O-Town!
Where's the mocha ice cream pie when you really need it?