Friday, May 23, 2008

Veggie Garden Diary - Initial planting

NR and I have an ambitious goal this year for gardening; we are going to begin and tend a large veggie garden - all in containers. The containers are necessary because eventually, if the moving gods smile on us, we'll be moving and need our veggies to be portable. I also have read about container gardening and I'm eager to see if it works as it is touted.

Our goal is also ambitious because neither me nor my young son are proven to have green thumbs. At least NR has the excuse of never having planted a garden before; I've done it in the past and had mediocre results. But this is a new year and our soil is a new mix, so we're going to take our chances and see if we can grow some veggie love for the hot days of summer. I'm half-way convinced that food prices are going to skyrocket with the price of gas, so this is my foray into self-sufficiency.

Our first planting consisted of:

Six sweet corn seedlings in a cedar planting box

Four yellow tomato seedlings, one brandywine tomato seedling and four Big Boy tomato seedlings in a cedar planting box (I can see already that I need tomato cages for the stalks.)

One Lemon Cucumber plant in a ceramic pot

Four Banana Sweet Peppers plants in a ceramic pot

Four Pimento Sweet Peppers plants in a ceramic pot

Our second planting will likely include some zucchini, cauliflower and at some point pumpkins. All of these containers are in the middle of my front yard, soaking up some sun and hopefully growing. I might try playing some ABBA for them to make them vigorous; nothing makes you feel as peppy as ABBA, right?

Photos of our success (or failure, let's hope not) will be posted. Wish the novice growers luck!


Sling said...

I've found this to be true.
In spite of everythingf we do,plants will thrive in spite of it.
God loves a farmer.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog . (( farmgirl hugs ))