Monday, May 5, 2008

Random Recipe Monday - Avocado Ice Cream

I wasn't going to do it, honest. Yes, today is Cinco de Mayo and yes, today is Random Recipe Monday, but really, how random would it be to post about mole or enchiladas? It's too easy. Too obvious. Too...expected. (Assuming anyone gives this blog more than a passing thought, let alone expects anything.)

But I digress. I really wasn't going to post anything even remotely related to south-of-the-border cuisine (though I do love it). And to that end, I really haven't. Though avocados are often paired with spicy and savory dishes from Mexico, this recipe was developed in California in the 1930s to extoll the virtue of Cali Avocados. Interesting isn't it that the idea of avocado ice cream was a way to get people excited about this food (of the Gods). When I think ice cream, I don't tend to think about green - unless it is mint chocolate chip. But some enterprising cook developed this recipe to win over Mrs Jane Doe America and to get her to buy the product. I would say that despite this attempt, avocados have flourished. They are popular all over the country and show up in a variety of tasty dishes, or just on their own.

I suppose I shouldn't pre-judge this dessert, but having sampled garlic ice cream before (yes, I really did), I can say that some foods just don't belong in dessert.

But you be the judge. Next time you feel a hankering to try something green and frozen, instead of those baby peas, give Avocado Ice Cream a try.

Oh - and Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.

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