Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jammie Dodgers - cookies with an accent

There are two things (of many) in this world that I really enjoy anytime. One is a cookie and the other is Eddie Izzard. The British comedian is hilarious, smart, witty and has one of the best voices around (check out the mouse in the new Chronicles of Narnia if you don't believe me - and yes, I have a thing for voices.)

So this week, feeling (still) ill - what is it with this particular bug? - I was holed up on the sofa watching BBC America and wishing I was someone and somewhere else. Lucky for me, there were some reruns of Eddie's great concerts - Glorious and Dressed to Kill. Now Dressed is one of my all time favorites - anything that references Englebert Humperdink is tops in my book - but I wasn't really familiar with Glorious. So, drinking tea, ensconced under a blankie, I watched it.

And it was Glorious. Not Dressed to Kill perhaps, but Glorious nonetheless. At the tail end of the concert, he referenced Jammie Dodgers cookies. Now, I knew that name from the movie Flushed Away, but that was the sum total of my knowledge. Luckily my laptop was at hand, as always, and Google ready to serve. Turns out Jammy Dodgers are quite popular cookies in the UK. They are mass produced, but some enterprising soul has posted a homemade version that gets high marks from the Jammie Dodger set.

So, for those looking for a jammy cookie, a nod to Eddie Izzard or just a Brit treat, gives these a try.


Carina said...


Thanks for the link to the recipe; it sounds like a great substitute for the real thing! I think I'll make some for afternoon tea tomorrow!

Doralong said...

I love him- my kind of freaky humor.

Katherine said...

Dressed to Kill is the only stand-up show that will stop my channel surfing every time! I would not be able to tell you how many times I have watched it at this point, even own all the concert DVD's of all his shows.

But I agree Dressed to Kill is the best of the best. He is just plain brilliant. And I am the proud proud holder of tickets to his new show Stripped coming to SF in July.

For a special bizarre treat, a big Eddie Izzard fan with much much time on his hands has taken many of Eddie's best bits and created Lego simulations. You can see them on YouTube: They are pretty well done.

Lorraine said...

I absolutely ADORE Eddie Izzard. And I'm going to try these cookies.