Monday, October 8, 2007

Afterschool cookies

Maybe this is a bit too precious but my son and I baked sugar cookies after school today. I've never been a fan of rolled cookies, but with Halloween on its way, I thought I would try out a recipe so we could make some ghost cookies. They worked out great, with my son mixing most of the ingredients and doing the decorating. I know this blog is all about the "good old days" in homemaking, but modern bakers have it made with parchment paper on their cookie sheets. I wouldn't bake cookies any other way. Another great implement is the off-set spatula. Perfect for getting rolled cookies off the countertop and onto the parchment. If you are looking for a good recipe, check out Alton Brown's sugar cookies at They could do with a bit more salt, but otherwise, they are easy and tasty. (Couldn't resist putting my retro Red Skelton-inspired Halloween honeycomb into the shot.)

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Lorraine said...

Precious. In a good way. And you want a good sugar cookie, try Martha Stewart's Sugar Cookie I (email me for the recipe if you don't have The Martha Stewart Cookbook). She uses brandy in the recipe. My husband calls them "crack cookies" because he can't stop eating them.