Friday, October 26, 2007

Baby it's cold outside...

Yesterday was the first day I really felt cold this autumn. Even though the sun came out in the afternoon, the wind felt wintry and my coat wasn't warm enough. Our single pane, 1950s windows frosted up right away and the house felt drafty and chilly. Even the puppy wanted to stay hunkered down in the house, so I wasn't the only one feeling the chill. My list of things to do before it gets cold is still on my fridge, unfinished of course. I have to get those gutters cleaned out and the lawn furniture put away. Maybe this weekend, since we're taking a pause in our demolition work inside the house.

To drive out the cold, I made baked applesauce and made a big pot of soup for dinner. The soup was Italian sausage, potato and kale in cream. It hit the spot and I was feeling cozier by nightfall. I tucked into bed early with a book (Grace O'Malley, Ireland's Pirate Queen) and let the dog sleep on my feet for once.

This morning, the house is cold again and it looks sunny but frosty outside. I'll warm up the applesauce for breakfast and drink another mug of tea. After some needed cleaning, I'm going to sew some bed warmers. A pillow made of ticking, filled with flax seed and lavender that I can warm up in my oven before bed. With any luck, it will warm my toes at night and won't burn down the house while warming in the oven. (if you try this, don't sue me if your house burns - who says I know anything?)

Winter is coming, time to bundle up, inside and out.


Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Ooh, this all sounds terrifically cozy! Yes, you're was downright cold here today. Finally, fall is here! And tonight is the Hunter's Moon...glorious!

I think I'll now go put a hot water bottle under my duvet to warm the bed before I get in. Thanks for the delicious post!

CresceNet said...
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Jenn Maruska said...

I hope you'll show us a photo of the bed warmers you've made : )

I like your blog!

(And I had to leave a comment on your Ina post!)

Lorraine said...

I'm warmed up just reading that!

more cowbell said...

So, that's what bed warmers are? I thought they were something else ... like about 6ft tall, with washboard abs and flannel pajama bottoms. My bad.