Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stuff I love

There are things that make things easier for me at home. I like easier, as a general rule, so I thought I'd share the stuff that I find groovy - how's that for slang, Lorraine - and maybe other people could share some stuff they like. Here goes, in no particular order:
1)Parchment paper - it is soMartha but it really does work great for cookies. I have a silcone baking mat but I never use it. Parchment seems to do the job really well.
2)Magic sponge - those weird white sponges that you get wet and they get rid of impossible stains in the sink or walls - yeah, they really are magic. Love them.
3)Crock pot liners - yes, it is one more piece of landfill plastic, I know, but I don't use my crock pot as often if I have to scrub the gunk off the bottom of the pot after cooking stuff for ten hours.
4)Disposable toilet brush heads - speaking of non-eco friendly, I can't give these up either. Nothing says gross like an old school toilet brush. I love these things.
5)Waxed paper - this stuff is da bomb for rolling out pie crusts. Thank you mom for this invaluable tip.
6)Reusable grocery bags - have you seen those bags at your market that are biodegradable faux canvas? Well, I stocked up on four or so and use them for my grocery shopping. They are nice and deep, so perfect for lugging stuff home, and you aren't stuck with five thousand plastic grocery sacks under the kitchen sink. Plus, you save a nickel for each one you use (at least at my market), so why not.
7)Kitchen Rasp - One of my husband's kitchen gadgets that I actually use. It is perfect for grating ginger, parmesan, lemon zest, anything hard.
8)Stick blender - This one is really for my husband, the king of protein shakes for breakfast. But these blenders do a great job on smoothies, salad dressing, sauces, anything that needs a good whirl to go down smooothhh.
9)Salt and pepper grinders - No more canned pepper for me, no sir. Can't beat the flavor of fresh ground. And I even like grinding my salt, since I use sea salt for a lot of cooking. Plus, I just dig the ratchety ratchet sound.
10)Play-Doh - ok, this one is weird but nothing says wonderful to me like the smell of fresh play-doh. Mmmmm, best smell ever. Of course, that new vinyl, halloween costume smell is pretty darn good, but play-doh is still my top fav. Just don't eat it (or lick it), no matter how good it smells.


Heidi said...

Three cheers for Magic Erasers! I just used one an hour ago to scrub applesauce off the wall (lovingly placed there by my 2 year old). Whoever invented those should totally receive some sort of prize, or knighthood, or something. :)

Lorraine said...

1. Being able to click on KA's blog and not have it freeze my computer.

2. My Cuisinart coffee maker. It's sort of a pain in the arse from a cleaning perspective but it makes great coffee and hello? built-in grinder/timer thing.

3. The microplane.

4. Kitchenaid manual can opener. It has heft. And it's red.

5. This wooden stirrer/spatuala thing that my mom gave me. I named it after her.

6. The gigantic shrub of rosemary right outside my kitchen door.

7. My chicken tableware from Williams Sonoma.

8. My chicken cookie jar.

9. Method Cucumber scented all-purpose cleaner.

10. Did I mention being able to hit KA's blog without my computer freezing up?

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

I Itotally agree on the parchment paper. And now I'm going to have to go out and buy that Magic Eraser thing...I've heard great things about it, but your love of it seals the deal. I must have one!

more cowbell said...

Oh, Pla-Doh and Crayola -- two best smells ever.

1. Red wine.
2. "Man in a drawer". He's a square piece of rubber that can peel garlic and open jars.

blackpurl said...

I found a reusable bag that folds up and zips shut. I keep it in my purse so I don't have to pay for a plastic bag when I go out shopping here in Russia! Yep, we have to pay for a bag at the supermarket!

jennifer at pink ric rac said...

The liners and magic erasers are awesome! I second those! though I do have to add my kitchen aide mixer!!!