Thursday, October 4, 2007

Embroidering the edges...

I've never considered myself crafty. I have aspirations of craft, certainly, but crafting is not something that I have previously taken to naturally. Computer crafts notwithstanding (iMovie is almost as wonderful as Adobe Photoshop), I have never been successful at pursuing a craft. But in my quest to rediscover the arts and crafts of Nostalgic Homekeeping, I returned to the skill my grandma taught me many years back - embroidery. With a bit of colored floss, a sharp needle and some smooth fabric, anyone can embroider. I do mean anyone. It is a remarkably forgiving craft - easier in its free form than cross-stitch (that precise cousin that shows up in holiday kits at the craft store). Free form embroidery lets you do your own thing and I like that. I like choosing a pattern - if any pattern at all - and finding colors that make it pop. What I don't like are the typically stuffy or silly patterns you often find a local craft shops. I'm not into a lot of ducks or daisy flowers. So I was thrilled to find Jennie Hart's website She has some really cool patterns (I just picked up the Sushi and Monkey Love transfers) and she makes embroidery accessible to everyone with some great descriptions. Jennie's not the only game in town though so search around until you find something you like.

For those who decide to try their hand at this bit of nostalgic homemaking - we could all use a personalized teatowel, right? - I'd like to hear how it goes for you. Embroidering the edges of everyday things and making them your own has strong appeal to me and I hope for you too.

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